HISTORY: The band started life as The Sam Brookes Quartet, a folksy quartet with only 3 members! This allowed for the impromtu invitation of an audience member to complete the lineup much to the enjoyment of the crowd. We were always a little odd, we'd use an ironing board as a keyboard stand and a henry hoover as a mic stand! We'd create drums with our feet and were passionately ramshackle! After the emergence of Sam Brookes, a solo folk singer who landed a record deal, we conceded our name after much confusion when Glastonbury Festival booked him but put our name on the website and lineup! The Odd Folk seemed to fit a little better. We begged, borrowed and stole enough money to make our album and shoe-footed up to Bristol, increasing our lineup to 5! We have played such a variety of gigs; from festival main stages to the tiniest alcove of an old pub, The Tate Gallery to the corner of an old barn with holes in the roof. We treat each 'giggle' with the same gusto and aim to make people smile and bounce!

   Morgan Val Baker is almost 30. He's a multi instrumentalist, was raised by musicians and must have handled almost all of them at some point! Violin and Trumpet came first, but neither of them were particular cool so he started playing guitar, all the while smuggling the violin into school in his sports bag and sneaking off to orchestra practice at lunchtime! As an actor he's been performing up and down the country and even on the BBC. As a musicain he's sessioned with Carrie Tree and The Invicible Circus. He's been playing music with Sam for 15 years and Shelley the whole of his life, though this is the first time they've all played together. He's the song-writer and ring-leader (ish). A true tesp, and a father, and a odd-jobbing everything from pirating to posing! A jack of all trades and a master of... a few!
  Sam Brookes is 30! He's the older statesman, the wise-old head, the calm and sensible presence to Shelley's wild forgetful ways and Morgan's indecision. He learnt guitar and grew up idolizing Little Feet and Stevie Ray Vaughan but ended up in rap band playing bass! After moving to Nottingham (funk band), London (country band) and back to Cornwall (folk band), he upped and left for southern Spain where he spent 3 months intensely learning flamenco from the locals. Armed with 6 guitars he followed Morgan to Bristol and became the least odd member of the band. He's really rather normal. And sensible. And friendly. He's a gardener you see, and a wine connoisseur!
  Shelley Macphail is 24 with tousled hair and has spent his days idling away in a sub-tropical wilderness living in a tree house overlooking a river. Another multi-instrumentalist who learnt most of his guitar and piano from Morgan and now is far batter than him! He also has the best rhythm in the band (he's been banging a drum from the age of two), and if he picked up a harp I'm sure he'd take to that too! Shelley is a world musician, who was bought up 'jamming' which means structured songs are not his forte! Still he perseveres and even writes a couple, though they continuously change as he can't remember the orders! He sings, he scribbles, he embraces the positivity and spontaneity of life, he's fluent in the art of mumbling and limited to a word count in rehearsals. He hasn't got a piano case and owns the heaviest keyboard known to man!
  Oscar Bloomfield-Crowe is 25, another multi-instrumentalist; raised in the cuddle of Mount's Bay in the far west of Cornwall, he made his name as a guitarist in the duo, Sons of Beaches, that toured the region to critical acclaimed. After studying musicianship in Bath and backpacking the globe with a Ukulele, he moved to London and got a proper job. He's currently deployed as the bass player, and an exceptional one at that, but is just as comfortable on guitars, drums, uke and just about everything else, not to mention producing! Along with Shelley, he formed the mysterious electro-pop duo, Val Bloom, that is already making fast tracks into the capital's music scene. A level head, good with numbers, computers, and time keeping, he is fast becoming the glue that holds it all together!
  Andy Watson is the newest member of the band, and at 38 the wisest of us all. A session musician with a CV as long as your leg, he’s toured all over the place with Chris Scruggs, Gail Davies and Paul Overstreet to namedrop but a few! A Grimsby man, who grew up in the bearded and beer-bellied northern folk scene with a young Kate Rusby, Andy has been banging those drums since he was no taller than a grasshopper and it’s taken him from Nuneton to Nashville and all over Europe. A Cajun/Zydeco and Country specialist, he fits perfectly into the band with his neat and tidy drumming. He’s also got an estate car and a log cabin/rehearsal room in the Forest of Dean. And he’s a juggler and unicyclist! And has two drumkits!